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PC: [FA-100/FA-150 FA-110 FA-120 FA-127 FA-128 FA-128Plus] Macintosh: FA-130

This series unit is used to connect SF series units with PC or compatible PC printers.
This series unit is necessary to upload to the SF series unit BOSS database diskware.

This cable most likely implemented as a "smart cable" — with PC-Link device integrated into DE-9/sub-mini jack1 cable.

Released in ← FA-120 1991—1998? FA-128 →
Made in ?


  • appointments
  • phone book
  • memo
  • expense?


This model is modst likely not capatible with SY subseries (among with SYE sub-subseries) of SF series because SY subseries equipped with mini-jack2 against of sub-mini jack integrated in this model.

SF-4000 SF-4100 SF-4500 SF-4600 SF-5000 SF-5100 SF-5300 SF-5580 SF-5780 SF-5980 SF-7000 SF-7500 SF-8000 SF-8300 SF-8350 SF-8500 SF-7600SP SF-9000 SF-9000 BOSS SF-9300 SF-9350 SF-9500 SF-9500 BOSS SF-M10 SF-R10 SF-R20
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

System requirements

  • IMB PC, PC/AT, PC/XT or PS/2

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