PV-750 Plus

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Category Graphic PDA's
Released in 2000
Made in Malaysia
Display 160×160 graphic LCD; green backlight
Batteries 2×AAA (160 h runtime)
Size 8.1×12.7×1.51 cm
Weight 144 g
Memory 2 MiB Flash
Keyboard touch screen, stylus pen, navigation wheel
PC-sync serial craddle, infrared
Messages in English


  • contacts
  • e-mail
  • expenses
  • memo
  • quick-memo (handwritten probably)
  • secret area
  • to do
  • schedule
  • clock
  • calculator
  • currency conversion
  • calendar
  • 2 games




Street price in 2001: $299

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Processor NEC V30MZ / 20 MHz. Casio PVOS OS.

Casio's product description

Casio Pocket Viewer PV-750Plus encompasses numerous features with a powerful 2MB flash memory. It's easy to use: scrolling up or down, pushing to enter or launch and one-handed access to your PIM data. Another great feature is the quick data copy - you can copy text, spreadsheet, Internet and other data from a desktop computer quickly and easily. The pop-up tools, which include: clock (home time/world time), calendar and calculator, will only make it easier than what it already is. Other key features include: Scheduler, to-do list, backlit display, contacts function, memo, quick-memo, expense function, conversion (Euro/General Currency) and multi-lingual messages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian). The PV-750 features Internet mail, which can be combined with the Phone Book function and be of great help to you giving fascinating communication capabilities. Quick and easy infrared connection with a GSM phone lets you send and receive Internet mail just about anywhere! Infrared connection with a GSM phone lets you send and receive SMS messages. Pocket Viewer provides simple operation exchanges phone number information between your Pocket Viewer and mobile phone. Use your Pocket Viewer to manage and edit phone number information, or to keep backups of important data.



  • info
    • maybe there is other options of interface language
    • selling price during normal sellings
  • video (in action)
  • emulator
  • article


  • Old Organizers Collection [1][2]


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