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PV-S250 and PV-S450

Same model as PV-S250 apart from the case color and larger memory size (PV-S250 have 2 MiB less memory (2 MiB overall)).

Category Graphic PDA
Released in 2000 PV-S460 →
Made in Malaysia
Display 160×160; green backlight
Batteries AAA
Size 8.2×12.7×1.11 cm
Weight 121 g
Memory 4 MiB; Flash
Keyboard sensitive LCD & stylus pen & action control button
PC-sync serial craddle
Messages in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


  • contacts
  • calculator (12-digit)
  • currency converter
  • pocket sheet (sync w/ Excel 95/97/2000)
  • expenses
  • memo
  • quick memo (hand-written)
  • calendar (w/ weekly and daily views)
  • home/world clock
  • to do
  • schedule
  • 2 games
  • PC-sync
    • sync w/ Outlook 97/98/2000
    • pocket sheet sync for Excel 95/97/2000
  • PV application?
  • quick data copy?



The box
The box

See also PV-S250 photos (almost identical model) including electronic card photos.


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  • Old Organizers Collection [1][2]


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