SF-9500 BOSS

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SF-9500 BOSS
Released in ← SF-9500 1990? SF-9600 →
Made in Japan
Display 6×32 digits & line of icons
Batteries ?
Size ?1
Weight ?
Memory 64 KiB2; data can be written on replaceable memory cards
Keyboard 95 flat buttons
PC-sync • w/ other SF units3   • w/ PC4 via PC-Link (sold separately) • w/ Copy Pen5 (printing)
Messages in English

SF-9500 BOSS review


  • icon menu
  • phone book
  • business cards (company name, position, department, fax number etc)
  • memo (up to 384 characters per record)
  • secret memory area
  • schedule (supports repeating appointments)
  • home/world time
  • calendar
  • calculator (12-digit)
  • IC card system

IC cards

Not compatible: as architecture of earlier SF series can't address more than 64 KiB all RAM cards with more than 64 KiB in one zone (ES-115 with 128 KiB and ES-120 with 256 KiB) are not compatible; this was changed in SF-R10/[[[SF-R20]] series, simultaneously making some old cards incompatible.
Japanese cards are not compatible as this model have no Japanese characters to display.


Travel [World Information OAG Travel Planner Phone Directory: [Americas Asia & Oceania Europe, Africa and Middle East] Barron's Business & Travel Translator]

Other: Parker's Wine Companion, Lifestyles Weight Loss Plus, Lucky Lottery and Horoscope Advisor.


FA-120, FA-130



The box
The box



Year Price
???? $319
Buy Sell
eBay   Google ledudu

This model represented on this BOSS marketing material.




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