The Casio SF-5x80/5x90SY/6x00SY/7x00SY Model Family

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These Casio diary models share a common set of functions and features, and a common data format and communications protocol.

+Model Differences

Model Memory
SF-5580, SF-5590SY, SF-6500SY 128 KiB
SF-5780, SF-5790SY, SF-6700SY 256 KiB
SF-5980, SF-5990SY, SF-6900SY 512 KiB
SF-7100SY 1 MiB
SF-7200SY 2 MiB

The SF-5x80 models were first introduced in 1996. They were discontinued in 1998.

The SF-5x90SY models were introduced in 1997. They were discontinued in 1999. They look almost identical to the SF-5x80 models, but have the following differences:

  • Different serial port interface operating at 12 volts instead of 6 volts, and cannot use the same cable as the SF-5x80 models. The difference is distinguished by a 3.5 mm plug1 instead of a 2.5 mm plug2.
  • New Synch function which allows the diary to synchronize with a PC database. The older Send/Receive function compatible with the SF-5x80 models is still present.

The SF-6x00SY models were introduced in 1999. The later SF-7x00SY models are identical except for more memory. Only the SF-7x00SY models are still available. These models are similar to the SF-5x90SY models, including the Synch function and the 12 volt serial interface, but with the following differences:

  • 50% wider screen displaying more horizontal characters
  • Uses AA size batteries instead of AAA size
  • Case design changed to accommodate larger screen and batteries
  • Record size limit increased from 255 characters to 511 characters


Data Types Supported:

  • Telephone: 3 separate files
  • Memo: 3 separate files
  • ToDo: 3 separate files
  • Expense: 3 separate files
  • Schedule
  • Reminder (annual only)

Other Functions:

  • Clock with Home Time, World Time, Alarm function
  • Calendar
  • Calculator: standard 5-function with memory
  • Currency/Unit converter
  • Games: Poker and Blackjack
  • Multi-language menus (only English, Spanish and French for the SF-5x80/5x90SY models, more choices for the SF-6x00SY/7x00SY models)
  • Secret password protection
  • Serial communication: Send/Receive and Synch

The 3 separate files for the Telephone, Memo, ToDo, and Expense data types allow you to separate Personal and Business data, or other categories you may have.

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